Welcome to ai4k WebStyler

The WebStyler is a tool to help you pre-design your website. It’s divided into three steps: Color Palettes, Design Types, and Configure. We’ve uploaded hundreds of great websites designs screenshots from all over the internet, and we use Artificial Intelligence tools to order and classify them.

Color Palettes images are classified by the dominant color on the image, and we sort then in tabs by colors.

Design Types are organized by tags generated by Artificial Intelligence. This approach gives you an additional hint on how your website will be perceived by the search engines.

Check all website’s screenshots that you feel a connection to, by any characteristic, in Color Palettes and/or by Design Type classification, select it, and create a comment on it (you should be logged in). We are going to process your preferences and prepare the first approach for your new website.

And if you want a detailed preliminary quote, just hit the Configure button and use the chat if you have any questions.

ai4k color palette

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ai4k detailed quote