Real Estate

Real Estate - ai4k Websites

High-end design for those audiences with exclusivity rules. Pictures galleries with slow animations, beautiful color palettes, and fancy typography create a luxurious and unforgettable experience.


Business - ai4k Websites

Companies or start-ups, express your message with clarity and in a professional fashion, to capture a corporative audience.

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop - ai4k Websites

Friendly navigation in a stylish frame make this website perfect for quick and easy interaction with your audience and at the same time creating a joyful and branded experience.

Photography agency

Photography agency - ai4k Websites

Great landing page for starting companies or start-ups. Clean and neat with several moving sections and call to actions, this versatile design can be used for online stores as well.


Charity - ai4k Websites

Data, charts, countdowns, study cases deliver a precise message. This website is helpful for ONGs, non-profit organizations, crowdfunding, and any cause when the shown information is the main source of trust.

App Launcher

App Launching - ai4k Websites

Engage your audience from the beginning with mockups to show your App or prototypes.


Minimalist - ai4k Websites

Basic and simple. This website design will deliver a clear and direct message when less is more.

Magazine Blog

Magazine Blog - ai4k Websites

This sample is perfect for showcasing art, blogging, magazines, and design. The minimalism and clear design don’t stop your focus on what is important.

Company Agency

Company Agency - ai4k Websites

Conceptual and abstract design, this landing page shows the path of growth or self-knowledge.


Fashion Model - ai4k Websites

Subtle, subliminal, and enigmatic, use this design when the meta-message is more important than words.